Restaurant K-Triumf Velichovky

Food is prepared from our own livestock and fresh ingredients.
Check out

the summer menu prepared by our chef Jan Nedelka.

Why you should visit us

  • The juiciest meat from our own hunting grounds
  • Stylish environment- restaurant, cafe, wine cellar
  • Outdoor terrace with beautiful views
  • Comfortable parking directly in front od the hotel
  • The possibility of a picnic in the beautiful nature around the hotel
  • Open to the general public
  • The perfect place for celebrations, weddings, banquets, etc

Opening hours

Monday - saturday: 11 AM - 10 PM
Sunday: 11 AM - 6 PM

Reserve a table

Tel.: +420 491 407 121

Our chef Jan Nedělka

Šéf kuchař Jan Nedělka vnímá vaření v souvislostech, každý pokrm musí mít charakter, podstatu, ducha.Jan was brought to cooking by his grandmother. The fabulous cook, whose cakes or dry baked potato pancakes he still remembers today. "I learned the profession and then found out that this is a wonderful job that has to be be treated with esteem and respect. Since then, cooking has taken over me and became my daily bread, "says a young talented chef. "I have always stuck to real cuisine and high quality, fresh ingredients. I love to combine tastes and smells, and I have always tried to make my food an experience."Jan Nedělka perceives cooking in context, every food has to have character, essence, spirit. He tries to embed his own handwriting into every recipe. He likes experimenting and inventing new combinations, on the other hand, with traditional dishes from different cuisines he sticks to original and authentic recipes. Italian cuisine he has been taught by Italians, French by the Frenchs. He cooks with love and appreciates the fact that he has good sources of fresh ingredients, such as game from its own breeding or pigs from Přeštice.

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